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Hey, we get it. Running your service-based business isn't easy anymore, and you're looking for good ways to attract clients who want to buy from you. Maybe you've tried a website, and maybe you haven't. But let me ask- does any of this sound familiar?

I've already tried that stuff, it was hard!
Websites are too much trouble to mess around with!
I can do fine without a flashy site, I just don't get why the other guys are doing so much better than me!
The Solution: Business Websites from SEMclix

A website for your business helps you win more clients who each want to buy more from you. Forget about sweating over an outdated or underperforming site, and say hello to a path to increase the value of your brand and business.

  • Content Management System: Our what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing systems take all of the guesswork and pain out of updating your site. Your home page should be as flexible as you are!
  • Search Engine Optimized: What’s a website worth if no one can find it? Our sites are built with your marketing needs in mind—you won’t need to scrap the backend just to promote yourself.
  • Mobile Friendly: So many of your leads are searching for and interacting with you while they’re on their mobile device. Our responsive sites make it so you can have one website that works for everyone, so you don’t have to make a whole other site for mobile traffic. Two-in-one!
What Others Are Saying
Information"Importantly for small- to medium-sized firms, developing and maintaining a brand - through your website, messaging, and marketing efforts - is a lot less [expensive] than advertising."
Information"If you're on the fence about having a website, I have a question for you: How many big, successful companies don't have a website? I'm betting none. That's because a company website is just a basic, must-have marketing tool for the 21st Century."
Information"...[B]usinesses should be looking to have a personal presence on the Web - something that would back up a sales call or brochure... It definitely shouldn't be an afterthought - this is a capital investment in the success of your company."
  • Discovery Planning - We research your competitors and industry and see how your offerings and brand compare with them. We'll use that information to find out what applications we need to get you an advantage.
  • Design Mock-Ups - Before the real design begins, we'll provide a proof of concept for your home page, menus, interior page, advertising banners and landing pages so that you know that we're on the same page about the direction of your site.
  • Logo Design - You'll get 3-4 variations of a logo for your company of different icon sizes, file formats, and color/grey scale versions.
  • Core Design - Includes development of the website, header, footer, navigation, and menus for your site.
  • Home Page Design - To bring your home page to life, we provide custom home page content, graphics and layout.
  • Page Banners - Your option of JavaScript slider or static graphic advertising for your company marketing messages, services or products.
  • Landing Page Design - Visitors look at and land on more than just the home page! Interior page design includes graphics, text copy, content coding / formatting, web forms and on page search engine optimization.
  • Initial Content Upload - We'll start you off by uploading any existing content on to website in text format. After that, you have the option of making changes yourself easily.
  • Mobile Friendly - The website will be built using a "responsive" or mobile friendly design that will shape to the users screen resolution (PC's, Android, iPhone). No need to build a whole separate site for mobile visitors!
  • SEO Friendly - Search engine friendly design and coding to insure site crawl ability and ability to be indexed into search engine (robots.txt, XML Sitemap, SEO Plugins, Site Speed). People should be able to find your website, and SEO friendly design means you won't have to redo the entire backend just to get a campaign going!
Can I See Some Sites You Have Built?
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In this phase, we will find out what resources we will need to make sure your site stands out in your local market.

  • InformationWe'll send you a list of things we need from you and questions about your business.Design Checklist
  • InformationYour promotional materials, competition, and niche competitors get a once-over so we can discovery all of the trends and best practices to leverage.Market Research
  • InformationWhen we search for your services, which sites come up? Are any of them your competition?Google Survey
  • InformationThe first one isn't enough once we better understand your market. We'll send you another, more specific questionnaire once we're in a position to ask all the right questions.Post-Discovery

This phase gives us the opportunity to know what custom programs, layouts, and content considerations we'll work into your site and have a proof of concept that you can rest on.

  • InformationWe'll show you what we're thinking for site features such as footers, custom menus, and navigation.Mockups
  • InformationYou'll know where we're heading and can follow along.Text Outline
  • InformationIt's your site, so we'll keep you in the loop about the outline, structure, content, and pages.Reporting
  • InformationBy now, we'll be able to tell you exactly what to expect in terms of the schedule and when deliverables will come to you for your custom site.Finalized Schedule

This is where we actually get the work done.

  • InformationA private URL is set up where we build your site.Staging URL
  • InformationAll of your features get attached: header, footer, navigation menus, landing pages, and everything else.Deliverables
  • InformationAny custom planning starts gearing up to go into effect.Execution
  • InformationWe test between different browsers and devices to make sure your website is always loading the way you want it to.Cross-Browser Testing

Launching is when you get some of your best opportunities-we make sure you can take advantage of everything.

  • InformationIf you're hosting with us, we'll point the domain name and load your new site.Hosting
  • InformationThere's so much data about visitor flows you can grab, and we make sure everything stays in play!Webmaster Tools
  • InformationYou own the project, you own the site, so you should own the files. We'll send you everything we've ever put together for your project.Materials
  • InformationYou have the option of getting post-launch consultations to help you get up to speed with your new website, if you'd like it.Consulting
I'm Still Not Sure - Is a Website Really Important for Me?

If you're still wondering if a website will help your business, let us help you figure that out with you. We can do an industry fact-finding campaign and come back to you with suggestions for features, applications, keywords, and most everything you need to get started on the right foot. We'll also put together mock-ups of what we think your home page, menus, interior page, advertising banners and landing pages should look like.

After that, if you want to find someone else, that's your call. But if you want to keep working with us, we'll put you in the best position to get your brand in front of the people who want to buy from you.

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"Trust me on this. I have been there... with several companies over the years with very little success and close to zero support once you sign the agreement. SEMclix is not like the other guys!"

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris on development of my companies new website. He is always well informed and applies clear communication and attention to detail, making efficient implementation and client satisfaction a priority."

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