About Us

A Whole Brained Approach

The most carefully planned digital marketing campaigns will fail if they don’t have any visual appeal. The most beautiful websites will never see their potential if the right audience is not attracted to them. We believe methodical planning and creative messaging go together.

SEMCLIX is a whole-brained digital marketing company. We have both analytical and creative thinkers under one roof. This dynamic combination of personalities has allowed us to make clever and effective digital strategies for our clients. Since 2011 we’ve helped small businesses in the Seattle area and nationally reach their search marketing or website design goals.

A Blend Of Organization & Talent

Our customers enjoy having accessible professionals on the other end of their support calls and inquiries. Organization and communication are just as important as talent. We assign a project manager to every engagement to make sure everything goes smoothly and to keep you in the loop.

SEMCLIX has served clients with a high level of satisfaction because we believe sustainable results are a by-product of well-planned, long-lasting strategies. In fact, over 80 percent of our engagements come from referrals. Quality over quantity is our credo. Being the biggest never appealed to us, only being the most innovative.

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See Our Work